Active Voice Not Passive Voice On Resume

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In the passive voice, the subject is switched, so the object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence. Easy introduction to passive english students often think of the passive voice as scary or difficult. I make it easy, and explain how we use it in real life.
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Active voice passive voice practice exercise for entrance exams like cat, gmat, gre, sat, xat, snap, cet. Gmat exam active passive voice, gre exam active. Cv word checker is a site to check the quality of cv, resume or linkedin profile words. It highlights the cv action words used and highlights bad words or.
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A strong resume needs strong language, which means using action verbs. Leverage action words for your resume and you. Ll set yourself apart from the crowd. And amusingly, the phrase innocent saw his people taken from him is marked. But is not identified as a passive.
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