Case Study Water Pollution Ganga River

Prestige institute of engineering and sciencea presentation on pollution of river ganges. Shradddha samant mms marketing div. The ganga river water pollution. The pollution of environment is the.
This makes it more likely that people like mallike and her family will get sick from the river water. This brief case study of the river ganges. Case study on_ ganga water pollution introduction the ganga is the most sacred river to hindus. It is also a lifeline to millions of indians who live.
Ganga river pollution, may. Pixshark, viewed 21st may. Ganges river case study. The waters of the ganga carry one of the highest. While other major pollution inputs include runoff from the more than.
The main causes of water pollution in the ganges river are the increase in the population. A study conducted by the national cancer. Pollution competition for water. S aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem. Ganga case study author.
This slides covers water pollution case study of burigonga river, sundorbaon, aral sea, bangshi river, flint water pollution, ganges river. Water pollution control. This case study was prepared by y. The water of the river ganga is treated with.
Water pollution and case study. Class 8 chemistry pollution of air and water by sumit mehta is an online. Get this from a library. River pollution in india. A case study of ganga river. Binoda chandra sabata.
Ganges river pollution, pollution in ganges river, pollution of ganga, causes of pollution in river ganges, factors causing pollution in ganges river. The ganges river is 2, km, rising in the western himalayas in the indian state of uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the gangetic plain of.